• 19 May 2019

Analysis & Assessment

  • Iran coordinates proxy wars with militias

    Iran coordinates proxy wars with militias

    A prominent leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is believed to have met capable Shia militias in Iraq, telling them to prepare for a proxy war. The meeting is reported to have occurred before significant strategic and military activity was coordinated by America and its allies in the region. Is the threat posed by these militia groups serious enough to warrant such action by the US and its allies? President Donald Trump's...

Trump's new immigration plan Geopolitics

Trump's new immigration plan

The White House unveils a new plan to further apply pressure on illegal immigrants. How likely is the program to be passed into law and does it address the concerns of President Trump's electoral base? American business leaders have consistently lobbied for more liberal immigration policies that would allow...

'Stop secret surveillance ordinance'  Technology

'Stop secret surveillance ordinance'

US technology hub, San Francisco has voted to ban the purchase and use of facial recognition technology by city personnel. Is face recognition an intrusive form of surveillance? Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps an individual's facial features mathematically and stores....

China explores lunar craters General Interest

China explores lunar craters

China’s lunar exploration program receives a boost as it’s Chang’e-4 mission successfully landed on the far side of the Moon. The first scientific report from the mission outlines findings related to the Moon’s mantle. What is behind the scientific focus on the Moon’s mantle? As natural resources on Earth continue to deplete....

WhatsApp's Indian regulations fall short Technology

WhatsApp's Indian regulations fall short

A recent report shows that inexpensive third-party applications and software tools can circumvent regulations implemented by WhatsApp in India. Why have WhatsApp's efforts failed? WhatsApp is an instant messaging service owned by Facebook. Its ease of access and...

US-China trade war Geopolitics

US-China trade war

The United States and China – the world’s largest economies have been held up in a trade war for nearly ten months. With its inevitable impact on global trade, are there winners or looses from such a trade war? Trump had criticised trade deficits with China much before he became the President. Blaming the country..

Saudi oil stations attacked  Counter-Terrorism

Saudi oil stations attacked

Armed drones of Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked two oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia ratcheting up tensions in the region. How are Houthis acquiring drones and can these attacks be monitored? In 2015, Saudi Arabia leading a coalition of nine countries launched a military intervention in Yemen in response to calls ....

Japan’s legal proceedings against India in WTO Indian Economics

Japan’s legal proceedings against India in WTO

India and Japan have a close economic and strategic partnership, with India being the largest recipient of Japanese aid. Japan recently made a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over Indian tariffs. What has caused this dispute and is the Make in India campaign to blame?...

Pompeo visits Russia Geopolitics

Pompeo visits Russia

US Secretary of State visits Russia for the first high-level meeting between the countries since the Mueller Report. With the Trump administration unlikely to take legal action for Russian election interference, is this a new chapter in the Russia-US relationship? The United States and the Soviet Union, the predecessor to the Russian ....

Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka General Interest

Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has seen a surge in anti-Muslim violence following the Easter Sunday bombings. The government has introduced curfews and bans on social media to control the unrest. Are these measures enough to maintain order in Sri Lanka, given its history of communal violence? On Easter Sunday 2019, three churches across Sri Lanka were....


Hand, Lotus or Elephant? Symbols in Indian elections Elections

Hand, Lotus or Elephant? Symbols in Indian elections

Symbols have played a pivotal role in India since its first general election in 1951-52 and they have grown beyond the convenience of representing a party. Symbols today represent a far greater role in India’s electoral politics, with each denoting allegiance to a particular ideology and the associated followership of a national leader...

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