• 16 January 2019

Analysis & Assessment

  • China awards death penalty to Canadian

    China awards death penalty to Canadian

    A Chinese court sentenced a Canadian to death in a sudden retrial of his drug smuggling case, while another Canadian man has been denied diplomatic immunity, ratcheting up the tensions following Canada’s arrest of a top Chinese technology executive in December 2018. Canada–China relations, relations officially dates back to 1942 when Canada sent an ambassador to China. Before then...

Theresa May’s plan is failing General Interest

Theresa May’s plan is failing

Theresa May’s last-ditch attempt to shore up her Brexit deal appeared doomed, as Conservative Eurosceptic MPs threatened to humiliate the UK prime minister and plunge Britain’s future relationship with Europe into doubt. On June 23rd, 2016, Britain narrowly voted to leave the European Union...

Zimbabwe erupts in chaos World

Zimbabwe erupts in chaos

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa skipped the carnage by travelling to Moscow as protests erupted across his country on January 14, leaving 24 people injured and five possibly dead. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers, bordered...

India’s e-Scooter revolution Business

India’s e-Scooter revolution

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has set a target of electric vehicles making up 30 per cent of new sales of cars and two-wheelers by 2030 from less than 1 per cent today. Despite incentives for electric cars, India’s EV manufacturers are choosing to produce e-Scooters instead which have fewer regulations...

White House sought options to strike Iran World

White House sought options to strike Iran

US National Security Council requested the Department of Defence to provide military options to strike Iran last year after mortar shells and rocket fired by militants exploded near US diplomatic facilities in Baghdad. US National Security Council is the principal forum which is used by the President...

Huawei employee fired General Interest

Huawei employee fired

Huawei Technologies Co. recently fired its sales director on charges of espionage conducted on behalf of China. He was reported to have been arrested in Poland. Poland is Huawei’s headquarters for Central and Eastern Europe. Huawei is a Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen that manufactures...

Greek PM faces confidence test World

Greek PM faces confidence test

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek prime minister, faces a confidence vote in parliament next week after the ruling Syriza party’s coalition partner announced it was pulling out of the government. Alexis Tsipras is a Greek politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Greece and the Minister for Foreign Affairs since 2015...

Tehran designing “modern” uranium fuel Geopolitics

Tehran designing “modern” uranium fuel

Iran is “on the verge” of producing fuel made up of highly enriched uranium, Iran’s top nuclear power official said. While it hasn’t reached a weapons-grade level, the new fuel might still cross the threshold set by the 2015 nuclear deal. In 2015, Iran agreed to a long-term deal on its nuclear...

Trump threatens sanctions on Turkey World

Trump threatens sanctions on Turkey

Donald Trump has warned its NATO ally to beware of the devastating wrath of US economic pressure if Turkey dares to attack its Kurdish allies left behind after it withdraws its troops from Syria. The Syrian Civil War has been going on since 2011. It began during the Arab Spring protests and due to...

Growing Saudi-Pakistan relations Geopolitics

Growing Saudi-Pakistan relations

Saudi Arabia plans to set up a $10 billion oil refinery in Pakistan’s southwestern coast of Baluchistan, the Saudi energy minister said. The new refinery will be built at Gwadar, the Indian Ocean port that is being developed with the help of China. The bilateral relationship between Saudi Arabia and...




The accelerated development of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought it into the hands of the masses for everyday uses. AI-connected speakers alone are forecasted to be in 55 per cent of U.S. homes by 2022. Other smart home products sales in 2018 - like door locks, televisions and bathroom mirrors..

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