• 17 October 2018


Is there a proxy war today? War

Is there a proxy war today?

A proxy war is an armed conflict between two parties, either countries or factions, which is taking place on behalf of parties not directly involved. Generally there will be a long term relationship between the all those involved and often competing ideologies.

Three U.S. senators move to block F-35 transfers to Turkey Technology

Three U.S. senators move to block F-35 transfers to Turkey

A bill proposed in the US Senate, officially called the Ban F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Sales to Turkey Act, calls for the prohibition of the sale or transfer of F-35 aircraft and any related intellectual property or technical data to Turkey.

Northern Aerospace Technology

Northern Aerospace

The UK Government has put the takeover of Durham-based manufacturer, Northern Aerospace, to Derby’s Gardner Aerospace Holdings on hold for ‘national security’ reasons.

 Money Laundering: How and Why General Interest

Money Laundering: How and Why

The exact origins of the practise are unknown, but many place it in gang culture of early 20th Century USA, the term ‘money laundering’ itself was first officially used in the 1980.

Microsoft goes Underwater Technology

Microsoft goes Underwater

Microsoft is leveraging technology from submarines and working with pioneers in marine energy for the second phase of its moonshot to develop self-sufficient underwater datacenters that can deliver lightning-quick cloud services to coastal cities.

Labour Rights in South East Asia World

Labour Rights in South East Asia

What concrete reforms ought to be made to garment factories to ensure that worker safety is protected?

Genocide Today War

Genocide Today

Genocide is an evolutionary process consisting of ten stages that are predictable, but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The subsequent stages must be preceded by the earlier stages, though earlier stages continue to operate throughout the process.

Ekecheria lives General Interest

Ekecheria lives

In Greek mythology, Ekecheria was the personification of truce, armistice, and cessation of hostilities. She was honored every year at the Olympic Games when a truce was declared among the states of Greece for the duration of the Olympic Games to ensure the safety of the athletes.