Russia downs an unmanned vehicle in Syria

Another unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, has been brought down by the Russian defence in the Khmeimim air base in Syria.


The Khmeimim Air Base, also known as Hmeimim Air Base is a Syrian airbase currently operated by Russia. The airbase shares some airfield facilities with Bassel Al-Assad International Airport. The airbase works as the strategic centre of Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War. The airbase has been subject to many incidents and drone attacks. This is not the first time that Russia brought down a drone in the base. In the months of January, April, May and June, the airbase witnessed these attacks.


The Russian air defenses have neutralized at least 25 drones approaching Khmeimim with various types of explosives in the past month. The Russian Center for Reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria confirmed that the Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) which was approaching the base was shot down successfully at a safe distance from the base.

Maj. Gen. Alexei Tsygankov said that, “Russia’s Khmeimim air base operates as normal.” He also added that, “There were no injuries or damage.”

Assistance from Russian Air defence and the Arab army has helped drive out Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists almost completely from Syria. It is believed that, to intimidate Russians present in the Latakia province, militants have continued to send drones towards the base. However, Moscow successfully defends itself with multi-layered anti-air capabilities.


Our assessment is that, Russia on every count has shown the robustness of its air defence by defending and destroying the approaching drones.